Entry Requirements

GCSE Music and/or Grade 3 on an instrument

Commitment to their instrument and a willingness to perform.

For more information contact

Miss C Maltby

BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma

This course is for anyone who enjoys playing and being involved with music. During the two years you will have many opportunities to improve your playing as well as being introduced to new music through performance and listening work. You will also be introduced to new composition techniques that will lead to composing original pieces.

Units Include:

Music Performance Techniques

This unit allows you to develop solo and ensemble performance skills. During the course of the year you will look at practice techniques and how to overcome challenging passages within the pieces you are learning.

Composing Music

You will look at how to generate original composition ideas and techniques to develop and extend them into larger compositions.

Pop Music in Practice

During this unit you will look at the different styles of pop music and perform cover versions and create original songs.

Solo Music Performance Skills

For this unit you will develop an extended performance of around 20 to 30 minutes. You will look at how to develop a balanced programme and then evaluate the performance and preparation process.

Music Project

During this unit you will plan, prepare for and deliver a large scale music project, usually a concert.

Music Theory

All musicians needs some understanding of music theory. During this unit you will start from the very basics and go on to look at harmony and transpositions.