Entry Requirements

GCSE Music

BTEC Music Level 2 Pass

Willingness to explore new and different types of music and technology.

Course Structure

4 components

For more information contact

Miss C Maltby

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone which enjoys being involved in music but not in a performing role. You will develop listening, recording, technology based composition and producing skills over the two years. You will spend time in the recording studio learning how to set up and record different instruments and voices as well as learning how to produce, edit and recreate music using technology.


Recording – 20%

One recording from a choice of ten songs. consisting of 7 instruments. You are marked on the recording quality and the mix you create.

Technology Based Composition – 20%

One composition that includes synthesis and sampling technology

Listening and Analysing Exam – 25%

1 1/2 hour exam where you will be tested on being able to recognise recording and production techniques in different recordings. Understand sound and audio technology and how music technology has developed.

Producing and Analysing Exam – 25%

Practical 2 hour 15 minute exam where you are given a number of tracks and instructed on errors to correct, the arrangement of tracks and a final mix of the tracks.