A-Level (AS & A2)

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 English Language

Course Structure

4 Components:

Practitioners in Practice (40%)

Exploring Texts for Live Performance (20%)

Analysing Performance (20%)

Deconstructing Texts for Performance (20%)

For more information contact

Mr Robinson

Mrs Wake


Can offer either a Monologue or Duologue

Theatre designers

can offer one of the following:

Costume design

Lighting design

Set design

Sound design

1: Devising (Coursework)

In this part of the course you will work either as a performer or a designer

Devise an original performance piece using one key extract from a performance text and a theatre practitioner as stimuli.

There is a choice of text and practitioner and performances are internally assessed and externally moderated.

Assessment overview: There are two parts to the assessment:

A portfolio (60 marks) which can written (2500–3000 words) or recorded (12–14 minutes) or can be a combination of both

The devised performance/design realisation (20 marks)

2: Exploring Texts for Performance (Live Performance)

Students study one whole play and perform an extract for a visiting examiner

This is a group performance (3-8 performers) or design realisation (one from each area per group) from a key extract of a play of the school’s choice.

Assessment overview

This component is externally assessed by a visiting examiner.

Group performance/design realisation: worth 60 marks.

3: Analysing Performance (Written examination)

Live theatre evaluation – choice of performance.

Practical study of two complete performance texts (Chosen by the school from 3 given sections) – focusing on how this can be realised for performance

Assessment overview

Section A: (20 marks)

You answer two questions from the perspective of a performer and a designer based on the text you have studied demonstrating how you intend to realise the extract in performance.

Section B: Live Theatre Evaluation

You answer one question relating to a live theatre performance you have seen.

4: Deconstructing Texts for performance (Written examination)

A practical exploration of a script (we are using Sweeney Todd) considering how to develop and direct a performance for an audience.

Assessment overview

Section A:

A question based upon an extract from the text studied from a director’s point of view.

Section B:

An extended response question on the set text.