Entry Requirements

Grade 5 GCSE English

Students should realise Sociology A-Level involves a lot of essay writing and is an academic subject examined at the end of the course.

Also, an interest in society and an open mind.

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Ms R Williams

A-Level AS & A2


If you are looking to study something new, and you get annoyed at, and want to challenge the unfairness of life, (and don’t mind writing essays) Sociology could be for you!


You will find out how society works and study how different social groups experience inequality and how diversity affects life-chances within the framework of globalisation and power. Sociology is a highly regarded academic social science, and, along with Geography, History, Economics, Law, Politics, Psychology and Philosophy, after study at university, graduates can turn their hand to pretty much any career in public service, business or management. Good general knowledge, an interest in current affairs and willingness to debate would be other advantages.

Course structure:

All students will study the Sociology of Education and Research Methods and then we have an as yet undecided choice of topic areas between Health, Culture & Identity, Work, Poverty and Welfare or Families and Households.

In y13 we add the study of Crime & Deviance, and either Beliefs, Global Development, Media or Stratification. Students will need to open their minds and be stretched to understand how others may see the world from theoretical perspectives they may not yet have encountered.

Assessment is by exam and the vast majority of the marks come in the form of essays.

Opportunities for enrichment

Taking in life in all its varied forms is what sociology is about. Travel, film, TV and reading, all contribute to an understanding of society. Our twitter feed @hgsoci will point you in the right direction of interesting things to know and improve your application marks at the same time. Trips are sometimes available, as are courses and talks.