A-Level (AS & A2) WJEC Eduqas

Entry Requirements

Grade B GCSE Geography preferably from the Higher Tier paper.

Minimum Grade 5 Maths and English Language

Course Structure

AS Level – 1 Year course

2 examinations

Component 1 – Changing Landscapes (60%)

Component 2 – Changing Places (40%)

A-Level – 2 Year course

3 examinations

Component 1 – Changing Landscapes and Changing Places (20.5%)

Component 2 – Global Systems and Global Governance (27.5%)

Component 3 – Contemporary Themes in Geography (32%)

Component 4 – Independent Investigation (20%)

For more information contact

Miss C Buxton

Why study Geography?

Geography is a study of the world, its people, places and processes. It encourages students to develop an awareness of topical, relevant issues and a deeper understanding of the effects of changes and events that occur from the local to global scale. It also helps develop skills such as graphicacy and cartography as well as the more generic skills of teamwork and independence. A level Geography is a highly valued qualification that can lead to a wide range of careers in areas such as urban planning, retail, surveying, tourism, aid work, hazard prediction and environmental health.

Geographical skills are integrated throughout the course

Course content

AS Geography

Component 1: Changing Landscapes

Section A: Coastal or glaciated landscapes

Section B: Tectonic Hazards

Section C: Challenges in the 21st Century

Component 2: Changing Places

Section A: Changing Places

Section B: Fieldwork Investigation in Physical and Human Geography

A Level Geography

Component 1: Changing Landscapes and Changing Places

Section A: Changing Landscapes (coastal or glaciated landscapes)

Section B: Changing Places

Component 2: Global systems and Global Governance

Section A: Global Systems (water and carbon cycles)

Section B: Global Governance: Change and Challenges (processes and patterns of global migration and global governance of the Earth’s oceans)

Section C: 21st Century Challenges – An extended response question drawing on both Components 1 and 2

Component 3: Contemporary Themes in Geography Section

A: Tectonic Hazards Section B: 2 options from a choice of 5 themes such as energy challenges and development in an African context

Component 4 – Independent Investigation

One written independent investigation based on the collection of primary and secondary information

Enrichment Activities

Fieldwork is a compulsory element of both AS and A level courses where students are required to undertake fieldwork investigations and these are examined in both components at AS and as an independent enquiry at A level. Other opportunities for fieldwork exist with the possibility of local area studies and residential fieldwork. Throughout the course there are opportunities to attend after school lectures run by the Geographical Association based at Northumbria University and to attend taster days run by Geography Departments at universities.