At Heworth Grange we have high expectations of our students and in turn expect them to have high expectations of themselves.

Being part of a community is important. The school will expect a student to be supportive and a positive role model to all members of the school community.

We are proud of our strong care and guidance traditions. The quality of student support is exceptional but to achieve this we monitor student performance closely. This helps to ensure progress is maintained and appropriate support and intervention is applied.

During the first half term each student is given a target grade for their subjects. Parents/Carers and students will receive an interim report and be invited to attend a review meeting to discuss the targets and progress made. Further assessment grades will be collected within the academic year. These will be shared with parents. A Parents/Carers evening will be held in the early stages of the Spring Term, after mock examinations.

Numerous extra-curricular activities and opportunities are available. This ensures that Sixteen East students can develop into fully-rounded young adults, who are prepared for the many exciting challenges awaiting them in the future.

Heworth Grange Post16 provides the very highest standards of teaching and learning, high quality care and guidance and a commitment to achieving the highest possible standards.

Excellent facilities provide our young people great support in developing life- long learning skills. Heworth Grange has benefitted from inclusion in the Building Schools for The Future project and as a result, has state of the art buildings and facilities, providing 21st century learning environments equipped throughout with access to the latest ICT infrastructure and digital media technology.

We care about our students. We want them to do their best for each other, their families and their community. As we have high aspirations for their futures and their achievements, we seek to instill a lifelong love of learning. If you share our values and decide that Heworth Grange Post16 has the right learning pathway for you then we would welcome you to join us.

If you would like to visit us or find out more, please contact us.

We look forward to working with you.

Kind regard

Mr C Richardson
HeadTeacher, Heworth Grange

An important aim of students in the sixth form is to achieve good results in examinations to gain entry to higher education or obtain a better job than they would have done at the end of Year 11

If we are to be successful in helping you achieve your potential, then it is important that you fulfil certain obligations. The staff therefore expect that you will:

  • Attend school regularly and arrive punctually for all lessons
  • Organise study programmes carefully so that no time is wasted and set work is done thoroughly and handed in on time
  • Do work beyond that which is set to develop a wider understanding of the subjects being studied
  • Work quietly in the Post 16 Learning Centre
  • Become involved in the life of the school by taking part in various activities i.e.peer group reading, Youth theatre, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award etc.
  • Try to get to know your form tutor and your subject teachers well so that you feel comfortable discussing any problems with them
  • Set a good example to the rest of the school by dressing sensibly, in accordance with the dress code
  • Inform your form tutor and subject teachers in advance if you know you are going to be away from school.
  • Ensure that any part-time work commitments do not interfere with your academic studies
  • Take responsibility for your own learning and use your private study time in a purposeful way.

Students are asked to enter into a contract by agreeing to fulfil the above expectations. In the end, our joint success will depend upon the level of co-operation between staff and students, both as individuals and a group. Both have obligations, which must be taken seriously.
If you do not consistently meet our expectations or it is felt that you are not making reasonable progress, you may jeopardise your place at Sixth form.

A fairly unique element of the Sixteen East curriculum is the Enrichment programme.

All students have timetabled enrichment lessons every week to broaden their education and offer a different set of opportunities. Examples of enrichment activities have included structured debates, mock trials and workshops about radicalism in the UK. We also have guest speakers who give talks on topics such as personal safety, careers, finance and future study.

Studying at Sixteen East can also offer you a range of activities to help you progress further with your education. We work closely with local universities to help you find the right route to university and our students have attended trips and workshops at places such as Cambridge and Durham.