Entry Requirements

Grade B GCSE History

Those students who did not study History at GCSE should consult the Head of Department

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Miss Whelan

Course Structure

4 Units. Examination and Coursework assessed.

At Heworth Grange we aim to provide students with a wide balance of units, covering history from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century. This would allow students to explore different eras and provide a broad platform for students who wish to go on to study History further.

Course Structure

Unit 1: England 1485 – 1558 The Early Tudors

British Period Studies: England 1485-1547

Students will look at the domestic and foreign affairs Henry VII, inlcuding and threats to his rule from pretenders such as, his relations with the nobility and England’s position in Europe. They will examine the personality of Henry VIII, his role in government and foreign affairs, as well as the rise and fall of Cardinal Wolsey. Students will analyse religious change through the period and look at the context surrounding key events such as the dissolution of the Monasteries and the Pilgrimage of Grace.

For their enquiry topic students will study the Mid Tudor Crisis 1547- 1558, and will consider the stability of the monarchy under the young and weak Edward VI and the different views of Mary I – “Bloody Mary”.

Students will draw across the period to consider the nature and extent of religious changes, the ever present threat of rebellion and unrest, and the different styles of monarch that characterise the Tudor Age.

Unit 2: Non-British Period Study

The Unification of Italy 1789-1896

This topic will explore the history of Italy, from a collection of city states working independently to a unified country. The role of revolutionaries, the impact of warfare and the influence of outsider nations will be assessed to fully understand the causes of unification.

Unit 3: Thematic Study

Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the rise of civil rights in the USA from 1865 to the 1970s. In addition to civil rights for African Americans, students will extend their understanding to other groups including the Native Americans, Trade Union rights and the rights of women. This unit will challenge students to understand the causes and consequences of historical events over a large period of time.

Unit 4: Topic based essay

Students will complete an essay on a topic of their own choice. This will be supervised by a history teacher and students will be expected to develop their skills in research and argument. The choice of coursework topic is entirely open and can be drawn from a topic they have studied throughout the course, an era in history they find interesting or can be the investigation in a historical controversy.

Enrichment activities:

Students are involved with the life of the History department including a weekly History Club who have recently looked at topics as broad as the golden age of pirates, the Age of Victorian Invention and the British Home Front in World War II.

Year 12 students may also have the opportunity to visit the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland.